Reflecting on 2019

Wow. 2019 was quite the year for me. To think that it's coming to an end is so bittersweet to me. I have grown so much as a person, hairstylist, entrepreneur, friend, and spouse this year.

This year has been a year of change and self discovery.

Things I've accomplished this year:

I turned 25. I was the easiest going about this birthday than I have been in a while. I usually get super sad about turning another year older, even though I'm truly still a fetus in the grand scheme of things. But this year was different. I felt good about turning 25, I feel like a 25 year old. I have some things figured out and sometimes I still want to crawl in a hole and sleep for weeks. You know, the perfect balance of panic.

I lost 65 pounds. This, this was the most UNEXPECTED thing I accomplished this year. If you've followed along with my journey and said encouraging words, thank you! For the first year, in I can't tell you how many years, one of my resolutions wasn't to lose weight. At the beginning of this year I was completely happy and content with my body and accepted who I was. Then around May, Celeste was telling me about her dieting strategy and her plans to lost weight. I decided it was time to put myself first and try to lose a little bit of weight. I genuinely thought losing 20 pounds was almost unattainable. But I stayed the course, I ditched girls nights, was hungry for entire days, started meal prepping, throwing out all the junk food in the house, and completely reworked my days off to have time to go grocery shopping and cook. I became SO SELFISH with my time because I needed to for ME. And I don't regret it for a second. My super long point being, don't put too much pressure on yourself to accomplish certain goals, some of them just come with timing.

I rebranded my entire business. This was one of the most nerve wracking things I did this year. I was afraid my current clients wouldn't like it or that people just straight up wouldn't understand it. To give you some back story to why I did this: For years I told James that I wouldn't take his last name if we got married because people know me as Ashlynn Hughes. It was on all of my social media accounts. He told me he was fine with that but I could tell a part of him was upset. At the beginning of the year we started talking about marriage more seriously, hold on it's still not happening super soon, and I decided that I should rebrand so when I change my last name it will be an easier transition. I was scrolling through Instagram and came across the hashtag Hair Witch and it resonated so deeply within my soul. So here we are!

I started this blog that you're reading. I have wanted to start a blog for so long, I actually started a makeup involved blog a couple years ago. But it felt forced. I was into makeup but not like that. So I decided to just write about whatever I want. I decided it doesn't have to be about anything in particular except what I AM interested in! So stay tuned for some random blogs. lol

We adopted another little girl doggo, Cayde. If you follow me on social media at all you can tell that I'm completely and utterly obsessed with being a dog mom. June, my oldest, is literally my soulmate. I have never in my life felt this way about an animal the way I feel about my little Junebug. Well, June is going blind rapidly, she's had really bad cataracts ever since we've gotten her and we can tell that it's just getting worse. When we first got her I told James, she's it. I cannot love another animal the way I love her and I don't want to even try. Well, once we started noticing her vision getting worse we decided it would be best to get her her own little seeing eye buddy! Then came Cayde and I cannot imagine my life without these two little girls. They are the perfect pair and my heart is FULL each and every day.

I stopped giving into other people's opinions. When I turned 25 it hit me like a brick that I'll never be as young as I am RIGHT NOW. I have let other people's opinions rule my life up until now and once my birthday hit I decided enough was enough. I want to be who I want to be, and if I lose some people along the way that's totally fine. That's growth. I also highly recommend!

I paid off my car, Iggy. Last but not least is one of the adultiest things I accomplished, paying off my first car loan. I remember going to the dealership to get Iggy and I couldn't believe that they were actually giving it to me! She has been to Vegas, Arkansas, Texas, and all over Kansas. She has been the best little car ever and I'm so glad that she's FINALLY all mine!

Now, I want to know some things that you accomplished this year! Big or small I want to know!

Make the best out of 2020, be the best version of yourself you can be and the rest will all fall into place.


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