The truth about vivid hair

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Do you want vivid hair? Here's everything you need to know:

First and foremost, vivid hair is a COMMITMENT! It's a very high maintenance hair trend but it's SO worth it!

You must wash your hair in ICE COLD water, always. I know, it sucks. I pin my hair up and take a hot shower then get out and flip my head over the edge of the tub so only my hair/head gets frozen.

You need to wash it as least often as possible, like 1-2 times a week. Wait 48 hours to wash it for the first time. I wash it twice a week depending on events going on. I love dry shampoo and big, messy hair. It's best to just embrace the volume. If you NEED to wash it more often at least wait for 48 hours.

You need to use sulfate-free shampoo. Preferably not the cheap stuff. I know, it sucks to spend $20 on shampoo HOWEVER if you just spent $150+ on your hair color don't you want it to last?! Spend the money on a good shampoo and if you want to go the extra mile get a cleansing conditioner, too. Alternate between the two for BEST results.

Always use conditioner. I feel like this goes without saying but I don't assume things like that anymore. Always use conditioner to make your color look rich and shiny. Plus your hair most likely needs the moisture.

Use a heat protectant and turn down the temp on your hot tools. If you can air dry your hair or do no heat styles that would be the BEST for your hair. But if that doesn't fit your lifestyle then make sure to protect your locks and turn that temperature down.

Use a serum/oil or shine spray for maximum vibrancy. Even if your color is fading, if it's shiny as all get out then it will still look BOMB! This is a secret I've learned through the fade out.

Stay out of pools and hot tubs. Okay, if you're getting in a hot tub make sure your hair is UP. But pools are off limits, unless you're trying to fade out your hair. The harsh chemicals in the pool will strip your color SO FAST you might even be able to watch it leave in the water, this has totally happened to me and it was so sad. Just don't do it.

Stay out of the sun. The sun can also fade your hair color insanely fast. If you're going to be out in the sun for a while you can use a UV protectant spray but you also need to wear a hat or a bandana. Get your hair out of the sun somehow. And no, putting it in a ponytail doesn't count. That will just make it fade weird, I've also done this. Just trust me.

Avoid all white things. This includes shirts, pillowcases, all other bedding, towels, and anything else that might touch your hair. I have personally stained a white t-shirt collar when my hair was damp and a hotel pillowcase because I got hot in the middle of the night. Just avoid all white things, in life period. It will get stained and you will get sad.

Wow, that was a lot right? I have had vivid hair for several years and I'm here to tell you that all of these things just become habit.

Here's some inspiration to get you in my chair:


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